Under en vecka i november 2013 agerade jag, Johline Lindholm, huvudmoderator på projektveckan Young ideas for Europe på Jensen Gymnasium i Stockholm. Projektveckan som skapats av Robert Bosch Stiftung och IFOK  behandlar Europa, miljö och klimatpolitik och syftar till att skapa engagemang och förståelse för dessa stora frågor. I Sverige arrangeras veckan genom samhällsföretaget Wake-Up Call. Nedan hittar du det blogginlägg jag skrev efter projektveckans slut som även kommer att publiceras på www.wakeupcall.se


The last part of the week at Jensen Gymnasium in Stockholm included an expert from SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) before we started working with the real-life simulation of a political debate.

Our three parties have been working intensely with their ideas and visions parallel with the NGO and Election consultants eagerly digging into the questions at issue while our media team has been busy following the process, overlooking the parties ambitions and their questions at heart.

At the final day debate event students were exited and the tension could be felt all around the 6th floor where we were starting the day. After introducing the day and Adam as my co-facilitator at the final event Adam and me arranged for the (pretty boring) room to become a room fit for the final campaign event debate.

Our election Consultants had worked hard to create a solid voting process and the media group were updating the news blog during the event and the NGO interrupted the event with some harsh criticism to the parties manifests and also some love and words filled with hope!

Our patrons were tough and brutally honest when in their criticism to the participants and they were also very encouraging, supportive and gave the participants loads of positive feedback! They were as impressed as we, the teachers and the audience was!

We ended the event with a quick skype-chat with Lithuania and then gathered in a circle to share our feelings about the week and about the event and the future. I am deeply impressed by the participants and the common denominator from what they said was that the week had been much more fun and interesting then what they had imagined. Many of them really felt like they had learnt a lot and realized that the situation for our environment and for us is worse than they had thought.